By Phoenix Naman

Focus On Marrickville with So Watt


In episode three of Focus On, we talk to industrial designers Jonathan & Sophie Biet. Jono and Sophie founded So Watt, a Marrickville boutique manufacturing and design studio.

Do you ever think of makers as stewards of the environment, leaders in embracing other cultures, and champions of Australia’s rich, creative personality?

Speaking with Jonathan, Sophie, or their wider team, you won’t hear So Watt openly claim these titles. You only need to look at the studio’s philosophies and their beautiful work, which speaks proudly for itself.

According to Jonathan and Sophie’s description, beauty in furniture is overcoming the urges of perfectionism. When working with holistic materials deliberately chosen by the So Watt team for their sustainability and affordability, they have realised the error of reaching for a finish that aims to eliminate imperfections. Learning to compromise and being influenced by traditional Japanese aesthetics, the studio instead highlights the imperfections.


The result is outstanding craftsmanship, backed quality, and robust material - ensuring their work is undoubtedly Australian.


Reflecting on the material they use within the studio, Jonathan and Sophie noted just how difficult it can be to source sustainable timber and their effort to question their suppliers about where the material originated. Although this constricts what is already a thin supply chain, it leaves the pair with the relief that So Watt is acting with integrity and that their work has positively impacted the environment and the community around them.


The testimonials featured on their website give an insight into the outpouring of love the people of Marrickville have for Jonathan and Sophie. Comments such as “we would love to work with them again” and “we were blown away… (they) clearly love what they do” are amazing reflections of So Watt’s local value.

Consider supporting So Watt by browsing through their collection of purchasable products here. Each item is made using the strong plywood Jonathon and Sophie described in this week’s episode and is available to view at So Watt’s showroom.


Enchanted by So Watt’s approach to creating beautiful furniture and want to challenge them to create a unique piece for your home or business? Request custom work here, which allows you to edit an existing piece featured in the So Watt collection or commission a project from the ground-up.